Ajalor Handcrafted Baby Shoes

Oh Boy!!! Ajalor, where were you 5 years ago? I could have used a pair or two for my baby boy and girl. Have you ever seen anything so cute? Do you find it hard to shop for little boys? I know I do… I think I found my go-to shop for all my baby gifts need! These soft soled baby shoes are handcrafted in Canada, using 100% leather — the details are stunning, the craftsmanship is impeccable and the styles are ever so sophisticated. Did I mention the price is good, really good! These are just as great for modern little boys as they are for girls. I could use a pair myself! Now I only wish I had a baby shower to go to…



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July 13, 2012

Such beautiful little shoes! And so affordable too. I have a few friends having baby boys over the coming months. I know what I’ll be buying them now 🙂

July 16, 2012

Perfect right? My friend is having a baby girl at the end of the month and I think I’ll her a pair too.

Courtney in London
July 15, 2012

Such BEAUTIFUL baby shoes. And yes, affordable too! I definitely will keep these in mind for when this new baby arrives…

July 16, 2012

these will be soooo cute, perfect with any outfit, girl or boy! I’m so excited for you;)

November 1, 2012

These shoes are really stylish. They look like really good quality leather as well. Love them.

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