Lovely bungalows on the beach, a camping holiday

Today I would like to share a lovely camping holiday destination on the coast of Tarragona: Camping Las Palmeras. I was there a couple of years ago and it is an amazing place to go with kids. Surrounded by the natural park of Punta Mora, and located right on the beach, it is really a special place. I am in love with the white bungalows just on the beachfront. You step out of the cottage onto the sand of the beach… how nice is that?!!!!.

Lots of activities, windsurfing even with their own windsurfing school, tennis courts, football fields…

The perfect  place for enjoying nature, lying on the beach all day long, and everything in a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere. We hope to go back soon; I can’t wait to go to Las Palmeras again to see the sunset from the beach cottage!!!!



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July 16, 2012

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Courtney in London
July 17, 2012

These little beach bungalows look so cute. What a perfect, easy holiday, especially with kids. Makes me want to get on a plane and head down to Spain!!! Thank you for sharing. xx

Esther in Amsterdam
July 18, 2012

Wonderful! And the beaches in this area are just beautiful (we were their last year!) xxx

July 23, 2012

Hi Maria!

We are looking to book a week at Las Palmeras next month. However I was reading reviews online and was also told by the place that it’s near the train tracks. Did you find that was a problem when you stayed there?

C x

Maria in Oviedo, Spain
July 24, 2012

Dear Christine, there are train racks but when I was there, as I was in the beach cottages, I didnt even knew they were there. The closest you get to the beach, better for this purpose. I write a mail to you to explain better!

Molly Hyde-Caroom
August 6, 2012

I was inspired by your blog to visit Las Palmeras. We will arrive there in September! We are very excited and want to thank you for the tip! Do you have any additional tips on the area? Great bakeries or markets? Thanks so much, I will send you a picture when we get back!

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