I’ve written before about the Bonz toys when we featured our Favourite Toys theme a couple years ago… and I believe the Zolo range is part of that same toy family, or at least both toys function in the same way. It is essentially a set of 48 funky, colourful pieces and kids get to connect them in fun ways to create silly, random characters. This is still one of my kids’ favourite toys, and I was reminded of them when I saw them in the Toyella webshop last week. I think they make a really perfect, can’t-go-wrong gift (for boys or girls)!

x Courtney


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July 10, 2012

Oh in Europe at last! 😉 How awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

Esther in Amsterdam
July 10, 2012

Fun! I love how colourful they are… x

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