Stitch ‘n Kids: Knitting Spools

I think everyone must have had some experience with spool knitting as a child?  I remember enjoying it for a period, and I also remember it could be quite tricky to do (I think I had a homemade knitting spool)! Nowadays, you can get this ‘Wonder Knitter‘ from Clover, and it makes the whole procedure so easy for little (and big!) hands. It lets you use your thumb to rotate a disk on which the pegs are mounted, and keeps the yarn to a certain stretch automatically. And because of the grooves in the pegs and the hooked needle that it comes with, the yarn doesn’t slip away when flipping it over the peg. I bought one for Pim (5) a while ago, and he loves using it — every now and then I find him comfortably snuggled up on the couch, with his spool knitter. Cute!

xxx Esther


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July 11, 2012

Indeed I remember I used to do some spool knitting 😉

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