Summer Paints

My daughter’s first request when she walks in from her days at pre-school are invariably “May I have a popsicle?” or “May I paint in the backyard?”

I can easily distract her first request with a plum or some other lovely summer fruit, but I can rarely stave off her desire to paint (some days I just want to read books or do a puzzle with her, call me lazy!) Lately, she has been perfectly content putting on her bikini bottoms and painting her hands and feet, making the sweetest little prints for us.

Last year I invested in a wooden caddy with six glass jars and some watercolor paints and much prefer it to the messy little pans of paint we would run through. Plus, it just looks so much nicer. I’ll warn you now, the Nova Natural website is a little addictive, especially their dress-up and crafting sections!



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Courtney in London
July 9, 2012

I know you warned us… but that site is seriously addictive! I’m already dreaming up my shopping cart for when we get to the US for our summer holidays.
What cute photos of Elodie! xxx

July 10, 2012

i have been looking for good kid paints – thanks for the recommendation!

July 10, 2012

What is the blanket under her while painting? It looks like a Girasol woven wrap. Very pretty.

July 10, 2012

Hi Carrie,
It’s a rather large blanket that we bought at a market in mexico years ago! It withstands all of our messy activities!
elizabeth xo

Esther in Amsterdam
July 10, 2012

Super cute! And yes, addictive website indeed… xxx

Maria in Oviedo, Spain
July 10, 2012

Oh! another amazing site to add to my list! and in the States!! I will go broke with shipping costs, but it is definitely worth it!! thanks so much for sharing!

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