Warm Pixie Lambswool blankets

Warm Pixie is a new UK-based company specialising in luxurious lambswool baby blankets and cushions. We loved the look of their shop (I especially love the bold stripy blankets!) and recently added it to our shopping portal… but I must say that feeling is believing when it comes to their products. The blankets are so, so soft! Soft enough for a tiny little baby to enjoy… which is why I’ve tucked mine away until the Autumn when our little baby arrives!

x Courtney


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June 20, 2012

Thanks for sharing. Love the blankets especially the yellow one – will have to persuade dh that it is a must have for our little one.

Mrs C scott
January 17, 2016

A present I was given at Christmas was the crocheted sheep. It took a while to do it as it was new to me doing crochest. It turned out brilliant. I just wish that I had not followed the slight instructions to put it in the washer. I did this on its own in a cold wash no powder etc and the black colour of the head etc went into the cream body which has finally turned out a sort of dirty grey/pale bluish olour. For this reason I am disappointed in the end result. If I had sufficient cream wool then I would crochet a new body.

For the price of the package I expected the same colour and for it to go fluffy as suggested and this did not happen

Mrs C Scott 60 Kingtree Avenue Cottingham HU164DR 4DR

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