Missie Sunshine Couture

The kids and I went to our first Kid’s fashion show and we had so much fun! It isn’t often that a Montreal kids label hosts a fashion show and this time it was for the launch of the new collection of beachwear, Missie Sunshine Couture. I was surprised as to how well behaved my kids were, they were captivated by the cute kids strutting their stuff and it probably helped that the little models looked like they were having so much fun. Not only were the kids adorable, the clothing was delightful, full of color and lovely prints, it all looked so comfortable.

You can expect to find cover-ups in a variety of different styles, tunics, summer dresses and jumpsuits all made from gorgeous fabric from India. Every order is custom made, so you can choose whichever styles you desire from a variety of fabrics and colors, from simple to luxurious. Perfect for all your vacationing needs. I can just imagine my little Elsie in this little red flower patterned tunic/dress, now if only we were going on a cruise this summer or perhaps downtown will do!!!



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June 21, 2012

Your kids should have been in the fashion show Celina, they are so adorable! What a great post and the photos are fantastic. You’ve really captured the spirit here and with this suddenly hot weather we’re having, isn’t Missie Sunshine just perfect?

June 21, 2012

oh yes! I’m dreaming of the pool just as we speak in my non air conditioned office! It was so nice meeting you and Keira, you girls rock!

June 21, 2012

Oh, Celina!! Thank you! I’m so touched by this feature on Babyccino Kids! The pics are superb! Miss E is definitely a “Missie Sunshine”. Your kids did have great time and I’m glad Mister M was pleased with the tossed balls at the end of the show. LOL! It might have to become a tradition, I wouldn’t want to disappoint him. 😀
Merci infiniment!! xoxo

June 21, 2012

Can’t wait for the next collection!!! I wish you all the best and lot’s of success 🙂

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