Off to the beach

June 13, 2012

It’s almost summer time and I am starting to book our tickets for holidays! We are going to spend a week at the beach this summer – so far so good…. but this year it is not the Mediterranean we are going to be lounging around, but the West Coast of Ireland! Yikes! I have spent many a cold summer in Ireland and around the age of 13 I vowed to myself that I would never, ever impose this on my children.

Thirty five years later, our tickets are booked and we will be off in the month of July. Conditions have slightly improved in the last 35 years: the cottages now have heating, fleeces have been invented and of course there is now hot water.  There will also be a ton of cousins, empty, clean beaches, long days, and spectacular scenery. Still – it is going to be a different type of beach holiday and here is my little list of things we are going to pack.

1) A good hoody: it is the business when you start running outside and need to keep warm.

2) Plim Soles: A good pair of sneakers, preferably canvas, as they can be chucked into the washing machine if they get too muddy.

3) Wellies: I don’t think anyone should ever attempt to head to Northern Europe without a pair of wellies in their bag.

4) K-Way: I had totally forgotten about these macs that fold up into a little pouch and hang around your waist! They might be out of fashion but they are such a great idea, especially in a place like Ireland where a sunny day can turn rainy in minutes.

5) Monopoly: board games are essential for rainy days inside, Monopoly might has been around a long, long time but it is still one of our all-time favourites. Others include UNO, checkers and go fish.

6) A beach robe: essential to cozy into after a dip in the sea.

7) The carré (square scarf). I use these all the time for the girls and myself. I tie them into our hair to keep the hair out of our faces, use it around necks to cover from sun and to keep warm. I also use them as makeshift carrying devises, to wrap us treasures like shells, sparkly stones or anything else that can be found on the beach.

And here is a tiny list of things to bring for moms: a pair of Uggs, a thermos, a good wooly jumper, as we need to stay warm and cozy too!

– Emilie


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Maria in Oviedo, Spain
June 13, 2012

Emilie, and I live in the north coast of Spain and our summers are very similar to the ones you describe. We can go to the beach on our swimming suits one day and with wellies and a jumper the next!. I am sure you will enjoy and the kids will love it!!!! Love

June 13, 2012

Thanks for the list. It really comes at the right time as we will also be spending 4 weeks at the Irish West coast. I am really looking forward to it and had pretty much the same things on my list, but me, too I had completely forgotten about the Kways…….I just got the kids yellow “fishermen” rain coats but I think I might get the Kways as well as then I will not have to schlepp the coats around when it is not raining. Great tip!

Emilie in Paris
June 13, 2012

The K-Ways are great! If you find them hard to find, I have seen asimilar raincoat at DPAM

June 13, 2012

I love the idea of the carré! A bit like the following edition of the multifunctional pashmina when you have a baby!

Courtney in London
June 13, 2012

That photo of the Irish seaside looks so pretty! And I love your list of things to take — super handy.
I have to say… I grew up (and still spend summers) on the rocky beaches in the Pacific Northwest of America. The beaches were rocky and often covered in seaweed, the water was freezing cold, and we were lucky when the weather ever got toasty hot. BUT… it was and still is my favourite place in the whole world. And kids are so resilient to cold water and bad weather — they just get on with it. It’s more the grown-ups who have the perspective of knowing what a beach down in sunny Italy would be like… that makes us a bit cranky when the weather doesn’t cooperate!

Emilie in Paris
June 13, 2012

You are so right. It is the grown ups that want the sun shine. The kids are so happy when the beaches are empty and do not care one single bit about the weather. My kids actually love wearing rain boots and rain coats!

June 13, 2012

I had forgotten about those fold-up raincoats, we always had them growing up. Your list is just perfect for our weather 🙂 I couldn’t add a thing to it. Be sure to squeeze in the swimsuits too – this might be our year for a heat wave!

June 14, 2012

Emilie, thanks for the link!!

June 14, 2012

I like the idea. Children cannot sit calmly in the rainy days so the idea of an indoor game is very useful.
Briana Charles from Princess Bed with Canopy .

June 14, 2012

Donegal is the north west corner of Ireland, it is unspoilt, remote and windswept. The weather even in summer is unpredictable but the air will knock your memory and you’ll feel two again. To your list I would add:
1- wetsuit– forget the temperature of the water it’s worth swimming in those crystal clear waters.
2- thermos & sandwiches– long walks are so much better when you have a picnic and a warm drink to enjoy on a sandy dune somewhere.
3- Dis Une Couleur makes these gorgeous terry his and hers, dungarees and dress. I can’t stop thinking about how good they would look in Donegal.

July 2, 2012

Hi! I am trying to find a K way for my kids here in Paris, and it seems impossible! Do you have any idea where I could buy them?

July 2, 2012

I actually did not get my original K-Ways in Paris. In Paris I have found a good replica of a K-Way for kids at DPAM and Go Sport. (I actually also got an adult version for me at Go Sport)…

August 9, 2012

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