I’m soooo fed up with all the rain we’ve had this spring in London! Apart from a couple sunny weeks, it has been a loooooong wet year so far! Instead of buying my kids new summery sandals, I recently had to go out and buy raincoats and wellies… er, I mean Splats!!! Have you heard of them yet? RainSplats are the cool new invention in children’s footwear (they remind me a bit of when we first discovered Crocs and how absolutely practical they turned out to be).

Unlike traditional wellies, Splats are extremely lightweight, flexible and have a slip-resistant and shock absorbent sole… so your kids can run/scoot/climb just as easily as if they were wearing trainers. They have a reinforced heel and toe so they won’t get holes in the high impact areas, and they have an adjustable strap at the top to keep water out or make it easier to tuck trousers in. So super clever!  RainSplats are available to purchase online here.

x Courtney


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June 12, 2012

As practical as they are – they are still no way as lovely as good old aigle wellies.

Courtney in London
June 12, 2012

Yes, but all my Aigle wellies have holes in the toes! Seriously every pair! So they might be good looking, but they certainly don’t hold up very well….

June 13, 2012

Really…… we are either extremely lucky or you have been extremely unlucky as the aigle wellies we have bought have survived two kids wearing them and may just about make it to the third. However we bought a pair of Bergstein wellies for my son to wear at nursery each day and they do seem to be tougher and look less worn out than the aigle wellies that others at nursery have been wearing just as often.

June 13, 2012

Nice, but I think they won’t be high enough for jumping into these deep puddles. I also recently bought new wellies for my daughter and just ordered summer sandals for her, wondering whether these were a waste of money. I HATE RAIN! There. I said it. If it makes you feel better, we seem to be in this together. Can’t remember such an awful spring. Just compare the egg-hunt pictures from last year and this year. Ugh. And, as my lovely boy-friend so rightfully stated, it’s the Euro 2012. Traditionally, the weather has to be good during international football tournaments. Oh well. Just picture me holding a limpy barbecued sausage amidst sad flags in the rain.

June 13, 2012

These are so cute! My kids hate wearing their wellies because they are so heavy and we get tons of rain here in Copenhagen as well. I’m seriously considering buying pair for each of our three kids!

June 13, 2012

Very cute! I just bought my daughter a pair of bright pink Hunter wellies (the ‘my first wellie’ rather than the traditional design that is quite chunky for children I think). But these are super cute. I especially love the bottom photo 😉

June 13, 2012

I love these! They remind me of Rainbow Brite’s boots. I am considering getting a pair for my son as he seems to destroy his wellies monthly. I love the fact they have a reinforced toe because my son definitely needs that extra support. Do you think they run true to size or are they sized bigger?

Emilie in Paris
June 13, 2012

Love these! Rainboots can be so heavy and clunky

June 13, 2012

They are lovely but well overpriced!
£38 for a pair of wellies?

Eleanor Clarke
June 28, 2012

Bought a pair 2 months ago as the summer is meant to be a wash out and need to walk my Labrador. They are amazing and keep my sons feet dry all day and he can climb trees and do everything he could in trainers. Excellent alternative to traditional wellies. Will definitely last through both my boys

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