Tree mural

A while ago I got the idea of painting a tree on a blank wall in Ivy’s room. I was sort of inspired by this image I saw on Pinterest — at first I was just going to put up a painted cardboard tree (to make it less permanent) but then I figured we would paint directly onto the wall, and we could always paint over it later if we wanted. So we first painted the tree (using Farrow & Ball’s ‘Saxon Green’), and then I ordered a package of vintage wallpaper leaves from Inke.

The finishing touch was the beautiful Tamar Mogendorff birdhouse which was a gift to Ivy from my mom. And voila! It went from being a boring white corner of her room to being a fun and playful space (with plenty of pink to make Ivy happy!).

x Courtney

PS – Ivy’s cute dress is by Livly and it comes from Scandinavian Minimall.


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June 5, 2012

This is just too cute! i’ve been thinking of adding a tree to the playroom, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I think the wallpaper leaves are such a great idea!

June 5, 2012

You are too too clever. Looks totally fabulous. This is the kind of thing I plan to do for months and NEVER get round to!

Esther in Amsterdam
June 5, 2012

I love the Inke tree! They’re SUCH a statement for the room! (And how sweet is that little birdhouse) xxx

June 5, 2012

Its so cute!!!

June 11, 2012

This looks wonderful!

I’m fairly sure stickers are the future. I’ve been planning my sons move into the “big” bedroom for a while and we stumbled on some fabulous robot stickers which look amazing.

I had planned on some fabulous wallpaper but for the price of design and make of wallpaper Iliked I will be able to replace the stickers at least 3 times. Might be my expensive taste in wallpaper though!

For me the best thing is we have moved away from a commercial theme like Disney Cars or Thomas which although loved I feel he will move on from these.

One decorating “secret”, we wanted to let my son pick the colour of his feature wall so we gave him a selection of colours to choose from. All good. However when we got to the shop he insisted on a different “hospital green” which was hideous. I’m a little ashamed to admit I exchanged hideous green back to the shop and swapped it for my preferred choice, barely justifying my actions for when in the coming years I will get no say… Is this awful or understandable?

June 17, 2012

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