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Crumpled City Maps

I just discovered these maps via BozAround and I am hooked! What a great idea: a map that can be crumpled up, shoved into a bag and then magically unfolds again when you pull it out. I love maps but I really, really don’t like trying to fold and unfold a map in a middle of a crowd, making sure I fold it back into the right creases — especially as it will invariably have ripped right on the spot that I am trying to navigate towards. Compared to a normal map, these crumbled city maps are virtually indestructable,

They are also geared specifically towards children, with cute little illustrations marking famous landmarks. Such a great way to explore a new city with your children!

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
June 1, 2012

We have the one for Amsterdam, such a fun invention! x

June 2, 2012

I just saw those too for the first time other day at the neat store Anthropologie. Was thinking of mounting the Rome map on my daughter’s bedroom wall as that’s her birth city…

June 10, 2012

[…] 2. CRUMPLESTILTSKIN Meet, the Crumpled City Map! This is such a clever idea—a city map that you can simply shoved into your bag without folding. When you need it again, it magically unfolds. Each fun “crumpled: maps features wonderful illustrations and are even rain proof. Plus you can open and close them in 2 seconds—less time it takes to open yer umbrella. I really want one. (via babyccino kids) […]

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