Singing Alphabet app from Ministry of Letters

Remember this book? And how much we LOVE it? Well, the Ministry of Letters has just come out with a new (and equally great!) ipad app. It is literally… a SINGING alphabet! So much fun, and so perfect for my daughter who is now learning the sounds of the letters. The two of us are dancing in our chairs as I type this with the sounds of letters singing their letter sounds loud and clear. It’s catchy, it’s cute and it’s educational in such a marvellous way. (Available from itunes here, and they are soon to release an iphone version too.)

x Courtney


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May 18, 2012

We love the book (thanks to your rec), so I am sure we will love this iPad app too!

May 18, 2012

Wow, thanks for this – my daughter has also just started learning the alphabet at nursery and have been trying to find a song that doesn’t say z as ZEE.

May 21, 2012

cute! i noticed today when i downloaded it that the iphone app is already out! yay!

Judy Grant
May 22, 2012

I have downloaded this app onto my iPad, but I can’t get it to play. What am I not doing?



May 28, 2012

[…] Singing Alphabet app from Ministry of Letters ( […]

June 10, 2012

i’m having the same problem as judy…there’s no sound

January 14, 2013

Hi there, just spotted this comment youve added and thought id drop you a quick line regarding a new app coming out this month. Its an educational app aimed at kids aged 3-6, and its focused on spelling and phonics. After a years worth of research and developement, we realised that very few chdrens apps had any way of making them personalised orany real reward factor. That is why we have created this. Without wanting to give to much away prior to its release, if anybody wants further info feel frrr to drop me a line ….

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