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When it comes to buying clothes for my kids, I usually go for subtle colours — lots of greys, navy blues, browns, etc. Which means that when my kids spot a bit of colour in their wardrobe, that item then becomes their favourite thing to wear. I am especially having a rather head-strong battle with my daughter who wants to wear only pinks and purples (and the brighter the better for her). It goes to show that kids really do love the brighter, happier types of clothing.

Love It Love It Love It is a UK webshop which fully embraces the bright and colourful. You can find romper suits in every colour, bright and happy tees (like the ones pictured above), and plenty of playful accessories. Not a single grey in sight… and I must admit, it is quite fun!

x Courtney


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May 4, 2012

I really like this website especially the boys tees. I am having this head-strong battle with my daughter aswell. She doesn’t actually have anything in solid pink or purple, darker, muted tones for winter and other colours besides pink in her summer wardrobe. My mother in law bought her a sleeping beauty dress which she insists on wearing all the time, to the supermaket/park/bed. So it has no been hidden “in the wash basket” for a while.

However when trying to find something pink for my daughter, she really wanted a party dress, we went to one of your online boutiques, little duckling. And got this lovely dress, pink so she is happy, but stylish and well made (not an inch of nylon insight) so i am also happy.

May 4, 2012

love!!!!! 😉 what gorgeous and bold colors and illustrations!! my daughter also loooves pink… but I can still 😉 get her to wear other fun colors!

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