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We Parisians (I still get excited that I can call myself a Parisian!) do like our fashion. A friend of mine recently had a minor operation which required her to go under general anesthetic. When she was coming to, she overheard the nurses discussing her shoes. They were trying to figure out if they were real Isabel Marant shoes or fakes. Even in her anesthesia haze she managed to join the conversation and clarify the situation. The nurses were both male!

Now I do like my fashion as much as the next Parisian and I do also like to dress my children well. I have been trying to be a lot more conscious about buying ethical and environmentally friendly clothes. Nixie Clothing is one of the brands I have recently discovered and I love it. The clothes are beautiful and whimsical, perfect for the upcoming few months. The fabrics (mostly vintage) are sourced locally in the UK and the clothes are made locally too. Question is: when are they going to start making clothes in my size?

– Emilie


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May 2, 2012

That dress is so beautiful!

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