Looney Tunes Love

Remember these guys?! We had friends over for dinner the other night — a friend from Korea and a friend from France, and we were all remembering fondly how we watched (and loved) Looney Tunes when we were young! Isn’t that crazy how people all over the world are united by a cartoon character?! Anyway… I’ve already mentioned how I don’t let my kids watch real TV (the commercials!), but I’m okay with the occasional DVD.

We recently discovered the Looney Tunes Box Set which includes ten DVDs each starring a Looney Tunes character. My kids think it’s absolutely hysterical! Their favourite is Tweety Bird — my kids are all giggles over the silly cat-and-bird chases. I just love how simple and charming the cartoons are. Just good old-fashioned fun!

x Courtney

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April 26, 2012

My son absolutely loves loony tunes he is obsessed. Another favourite of theirs is peppa pig my 3 year old daughter especially likes this and i think it’s quite funny too, to be truthful. We also don’t let them watch tv because it is never on when they want to watch something. So we have DVD, lots of disney films for when they come home from nursery. Their favourite DVD’s at the moment are Matilda (roahl Dahl) and the Madeline film, definitely recommend.

April 26, 2012

We are also big looney tunes fans here. Also have the box set as looney tunes somehow don’t work so well in French!

Esther in Amsterdam
April 27, 2012

My kids have been watching this at my dad’s place. He got it for his grandchildren, but he’s enjoying it himself too! Sweet to see them on the couch together, laughing. xxx

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