Puff, The Magic Dragon

For accommodation on our recent trip to Australia, we managed to arrange a house swap with a lovely family in Melbourne (have you ever done a house swap before? it was our first time and we LOVED it!). One of the best things about doing a house swap is you get to stay in a family home with toys and books for the kids! So nice! (They even had a trampoline in their backyard. Constant entertainment for the kids!)

Anyway, my favourite find from their shelves of children’s books was this beautiful copy of Puff, the Magic Dragon . When I was a little girl Puff, The Magic Dragon (by Peter, Paul and Mary) was one of my most favourite songs. I can still remember putting the song on repeat in my bedroom and listening to it over and over again. I had almost completely forgotten about it until I discovered this book. And it was such fun to read/sing it to my kids (who know also LOVE the song!), and the book’s magical illustrations bring the song to life so beautifully. Such a gorgeous book (and it comes with a CD of the song, so you can listen while you read).

x Courtney


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April 24, 2012

We have been researching house swaps as i thought it would be a nice alternatives to hotels for the kiddies. Did you use an agency to find a house swap, also did you have them staying at your house why you stayed in theirs?

Courtney in London
April 25, 2012

Hi Lily,
We signed up to the website HomeExchange.com. It’s apparently the most reputable home exchange site out there. So far, so good. We have had offers from people all over the world to swap homes — it is such a cool way of travelling the world!

April 24, 2012

My kids love that song (sang by Susie Tallman….)
I was always wondering whether I could find any kind of illustrations to the song so I am very happy to see that there is even a book..I will definitely order it!!!!!! Thanks!

April 24, 2012

I can only read this book in song to my kids… (ha! and i don’t even have a nice voice, the poor kids :). A classic, for sure! Also, love the idea of a house swap!

Courtney in London
April 26, 2012

Haha! It’s the same for me. I have to sing it every time. Can’t read it. My POOR children! 🙂

April 25, 2012

We have a the same copy of that book and the music CD. It catches me at some moments and makes me weep! It was only from reading the book and seeing those illustrations that I fully appreciated the story – beautiful x

Esther in Amsterdam
April 26, 2012

I have no clue what you guys are talking about — I have never heard of Puff the Dragon! Surely it’s never been translated in Dutch! I’ll have to pick up a copy maybe, to familiarise myself…!

September 9, 2012

I loved this song, my mum played it to me as a kid.
I still cry at the end when Little Jackie Paper comes no more and Puff ceases his fearless roar..
I found it in a Book club sale a few years ago and bought this book with the CD for the kids (really for me. heheheh)

Val in US
June 19, 2013

I just found a “like new” copy of this book at a thrift store and my little guy loves it. He’s asked for his own dragon for his birthday next month. I’m going to try surprising him with a Puff cake. There are some very pretty ones online.

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