Djeco 3-Layer Puzzle

Christmas has come and gone and some toys have been played with and others neglected! Today I wanted to share with you one of the toys that was and still is a success: The Djeco, 3-layer puzzle. My daughter, who is 2½ now, wasn’t very much into puzzles and that worried us a little at the time, so I decided to get her some puzzles for Christmas. The Djeco 3-Layer puzzle is just wonderful — it’s a gorgeous wooden lift-out puzzle with multiple levels. We got the Tree House, and so in the first layer the child discovers all the animals that live in the tree, then in the second you discover their different activities and in the top layer you see where they live. We are fans of the Djeco toys in my household, but we weren’t expecting this puzzle to be such a huge success, even my 4-year-old loves it, which is the cause of many disputes!!! Available from Niddle Noddle in the UK and Amazon in the US.



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Esther in Amsterdam
April 18, 2012

My kids would love this too — thanks for the tip!! x

April 18, 2012

They have a few different designs as well and it’s great quality… we just love it!

Courtney in London
April 19, 2012

Love the look of these puzzles! Cute.

April 25, 2012

We bought our almost 1 year old son one of these when we were in Paris in the fall. His big sister loved it even more!

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