PrestoBingo shapes App

Sweet, this Shapes app by PrestoBingo! We’re loving the beautiful graphics and the educational content. Currently only available in English, but thanks to the easy lay-out kids will quickly figure out how to play this mathematical app, no matter what language they speak. A great way to practise shapes, math and basic geometry!

xxx Esther


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April 18, 2012

excited for mimi to try this one – she loved the Montessori numbers and letter apps suggested here.

Courtney in London
April 19, 2012

We also have this app and the kids love it! It’s so fun to find all the hidden shapes. Even Ivy (nearly 3 yo) is good at it!

April 28, 2012

[…] iPad app has been praised by the likes of LMNOP, Daily Candy Kids and BabycinnoKids. {{Told you it was that good.}} We bet you’ll be seeing the new iPhone app pop up in those […]

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