Learning Maths with Numicon

I’m always learning the handiest tips from my son’s teacher. Last week when I met with her, she told me about Numicon and how it’s her favourite tool for teaching maths to kids. So I rushed home from the school and ordered a set from Amazon . Numicon is a simple but effective set of plastic numicon shapes, each representing a different number (colour coded for easy recognition). You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all with the help of these simple shapes. It offers a visual resource for children to easily practice their maths without really knowing that they’re learning or practicing. (Meant for children from aged 4 upwards!)

x Courtney


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April 5, 2012

very nice, it seems similar to Montessori tools

April 6, 2012

Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
Groetjes from Belgium,

August 7, 2012

LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea! 🙂

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