Books about…. Paris

I often get asked which are my favorite children’s books about Paris. Books are such a good way to introduce this wonderful city to children before visiting it. Knowing what the Eiffel Tower looks like before seeing it, makes it so much more impressive the first time you see it!

Here is a little list:

Marie from Paris is a lovely story that takes you through the everyday life of a typical little Parisian, from school to family traditions. My girls love it, as Marie lives almost the same life as they and their friends do.

Henri’s Walk to Paris — a beautifully illustrated book I discovered via Black Eiffel. It’s such a cute story about a boy who dreams about coming to Paris. One day he packs up his lunch and gets on his way. He soon realized that Paris is very different from where he comes from.

Paris – City Walks with Kids are the big set of cards I have written about previously. Each card has a different itinerary on it, taking you to loads of interesting places. They are specially designed to make sure that the walk is not too long and boring for kids. It is a great idea, as you don’t need to lug around a whole guide book with you.

Paris, Mon Imagier is a little book for smaller children, with illustrations of all things Parisian with the words in French and in English. A great first introduction to Paris.

Paris Pop-Up is maybe not the most practical book to have, but a cool thing to have as a memory of your trip. You will find all the famous buildings and sites in this book with a description of each on of them.

Paper City Paris: even if I just recently wrote about these, I wanted to mention this downloadable craft by Made By Joel again, just because it is so cute and such a lovely way to learn about Paris through play.



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