Alphabeast Flash Card App

I recently downloaded the Alphabeast flash card app onto my iphone for my kids and it was an instant hit. The app features 26 alphabet flash cards, and when you tap each ‘card’ something cute and clever happens (like playable musical instruments, dancing robots, spinning bow ties and laughing monkeys). So it keeps the kids engaged and teaches them at the same time! I also like that the flash cards feature both the capital and the lower case letter (I always get confused which one to teach my kids, and having them both is a win/win). The app features charming hand-drawn illustrations based on the picture book, The Lonely Beast, and is available for the iphone and ipad.



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Esther in Amsterdam
March 29, 2012

I like that black monster with the yellow eyes and the fez!

March 29, 2012

Hi Courtney, do you know where i can get stylish raincoats for my kids, the kiddies have aigle wellies so i would like a raincoat that would go with them, not one with weird animals on etc.

March 29, 2012

i get confused which one to teach them too (upper or lowercase). cute app – downloading now!

Emilie in Paris
April 3, 2012

Love this app, but I cannot find anything similar in French.. very dissapointing

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