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Mama, Is it Summer Yet?

I first read about this book on Brooke Reynold’s Inchmark blog last year and quickly picked it up on Amazon (I always trust her book recommendations!). Having forgotten about it, my kids recently picked it off the shelf for their bedtime read and I found it so relevant… the waiting (and longing!) for summer to come, and noticing the seasonal changes (budding trees, singing birds, nesting squirrels, and little ducklings) that happen in the spring in the countdown to summer.

What a sweet little book and perfect for this time of year! Available from Amazon (US and UK ).

x Courtney


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March 26, 2012

Does anyone else like “Listen Listen”? I bought it from Barefoot books. It is about the seasons changing and has lovely pictures which my son enjoys. We always find something new in them.

August 1, 2017

[…] McClure. The perfect celebration of summer, this most favourite of seasons! (More detailed review here.) […]

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