A video interview with Alexandalexa!

The team from AlexandAlexa came over to my house recently for a little interview (!!) about the children’s fashion world. They wanted to know about Babyccino Kids and how it started, and about how online shopping has shaped the way mums can buy for their kids. They also asked what sort of considerations I make when buying clothes and toys for my kids and to share some of my favourite brands from the AlexandAlexa shop.

So…. I got to put on a bit of make-up (a real make-up artist came over!) and I sat down for a bit of q&a. It was a fun afternoon! I’m slightly nervous about sharing it with all of you — it’s a bit like hearing your own voice on a recording machine — but if you’re interested, you can watch the video here!

xx Courtney


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March 12, 2012

I absolutely LOVE it! And you’re one super gorgeous mama Courtney! =oX

March 12, 2012

I LOVE this. You are a natural on camera! And this is such a fun peek into your beautiful life (family and professional).

Love Petit Bateau for my babies too. So soft and perfect.


March 12, 2012

Lovely video, you are a camera natural!

Esther in Amsterdam
March 13, 2012

I agree!!! You look beautiful! xxx

March 12, 2012

What a lovely video, the footage of your children playing is so magical. (My son has that pirate ship).

March 13, 2012

so wonderful! and love all your selections of course!

March 13, 2012

Wow! You did really well, so professional! Loved having a look at your beautiful home too :o)

Jackie van den Bergh
March 13, 2012

this was really great, you are a natural. i too loved petit bateau. My girls are now 5 so finding age appropriate affordable clothes is always a challenge.

Courtney in London
March 13, 2012

Thanks everyone for your nice comments! You should have seen how nervous I was to be interviewed on camera. Sweaty armpits and all! 🙂 I’m definitely NOT a natural… xx

March 14, 2012

I love this video with a little seak peek into your home life! You looked great and the hair looked fantastic!

Meaghan Roozen
March 16, 2012

I just watched this twice. Wonderful!! Well done Court!

March 20, 2012

What a lovely video – you certainly are an inspiration to many!

May 12, 2012

Love your blouse where is it from?

July 3, 2015

Advert alert!

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