Indikidual is a new, London-based children’s clothing brand which I am so super excited about. I love the concept — it’s a unisex collection with cute and quirky pieces meant to be mixed and matched and layered to create all sorts of different looks and styles. I love the fun banana print pants together with the classic blowsy top, or the funky harem pants paired with a simple jersey top. (My daughter scored herself a pair of the banana print pants and she thinks they are the coolest thing!)

You can see the Indikidual pieces online, and you will also soon be able to shop online and also find the brand at some of my favourite shops, Olive Loves Alfie, Kidsen, Thumbeline and Milly Mog!

x Courtney


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March 6, 2012

Love the feel of this range, can’t wait for it to be on sale. Also do you know where to get the best breton tops for kids, have some from american apparel, but the kiddies are fast growing out of them.

Esther in Amsterdam
March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

oooh, their lovely. Thanks a lot.

Carolina Larsson
April 10, 2013

Hi, I´m a mom and have two boys 🙂 Fell totaly in love with in love with this brand, Indikidual 🙂 I don´t find the banana harem pants or the bubble top anywhere on the internet.. Can yuo help me? Is it all sold out or do it come back into the webshop again?
Or is there a shop in London Selling them?

Thank you! Kind regards//Carolina 🙂

Courtney in London
April 10, 2013

Hi Carolina,
Sorry you’re having problems finding the banana print harem pants. They’re so cute!
You can search our shopping portal: and search for Indikidual in the brands section on the right. This will bring up a selection of shops which stock this brand. You might have some luck finding them that way!
Good luck. x

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