Le Petit Theatre des Ombres

This past weekend Coco, Violette and I popped round to visit a new little theatre school and children’s bookshop right by our house called Attrape Nuages. I totally recommend it if you live in Paris — it is super cute! We picked up a really cool little shadow theatre, which has been the sole source of entertainment in our household for the last few days. I actually hadn’t the faintest clue how a shadow theatre works, but it is such a simple idea! Who knew?

The theatre comes with all the bits and pieces you need to replay Little Red Ridinghood, even with a little flashlight. If you get tired of Little Red Ridinghood, there are refills for other stories. I am going to try and make some of my own characters and backdrops with some of the girls drawings, I reckon it could be a fun craft project…

Check out this little YouTube video to show how the whole thing works.

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
March 7, 2012

So cute! How big is this thing? Is it table top size?? I bet the kids would love this!

March 7, 2012

It is as big as a big pictures book, very compact!

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