Gift Ideas for Babies (and their parents)

After a long dry spell there’s now a wave of new babies being born in my circle of friends. Yey for that! I wanted to put together a little guide on baby presents, especially as we have not had any newborn posts on Babyccino for a long time.

So here goes:
1. Fold away bathtub from the Babyccino Boutique Whitestep:  This is a great idea, especially if you live in a city like Paris, where space is key. I would have never thought of getting a fold away bathtub, but it works and it is so easy to put together and store away.

2. Coq en Pate soft book: babies grow up so fast and several of my friends have noticed how suddenly, one morning, their babies have started to reach out for things and are ready to explore. I love this little soft book that is full of fun shapes. It is easy to hold onto and also easy to wash if it has been chewed on a bit.

3. Phil and Ted’s portable chair: though not for newborns, this is one of my favourite presents for new parents. Again, kids grow fast and this is such a handy thing to have with you on the go. I think I had mine for my kids from 6 months onwards and it is the best, especially in France where restaurants rarely have highchairs.

4. A good maternity bag: some are gimmicky and some are really useful. Through personal experience being a mom of a new born means that often your brain is a bit fried, so having a bag ready prepared, with the right amount of space and pockets, is key. (I had this bag when my kids where younger and it rocked!)

5 – 6. And for the Mums and Dads who too often get forgotten: bath salts, body oils and a Mad Men or Downton Abbey box set, to have something good to watch during those long hours feeding!

Do you have any other gift ideas for new parents?

– Emilie x


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Courtney in London
February 13, 2012

We have just started watching Mad Men (season 1 only!) and it is so good. I’m hooked. Where have I been for the past five years? Having babies, I guess. (I could have used a friend sending me this dvd set!) 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
February 13, 2012

We still use our Phil&Ted seat so often as an extra seat at the table for when we have baby guests, or on vacation for Ava. Brilliant invention. And the flexibath is another great invention. We love ours! x

February 17, 2012

It has to be a proper sling. I don’t know how people manage without them! In my house (or rather when I left the house) the babyhawk got the most wear over the years but the zolowear pouch and ella roo ring sling also got well used!
I cannot wait for the new season of Mad Men! Been such a long wait.

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