Être et Avoir

If you have ever learned French, the conjugation of the verbs Être et Avoir must still be ingrained in your mind. They are the corner stone of the French language. This is why I love this massive room poster by the talented designers Ich&Kar. It looks so retro and great and is super practical too… in case you are ever in any doubt on how to conjugate a verb!

If you don’t speak French, I also like the multiplication poster which would be great for a kid’s room. In case of doubt your kids will  just need to look up to figure out what 8×7 or 8×9 is! (Available from Smallable.)

– Emilie


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February 9, 2012

Oh WOW! That’s just so sweet!!!
I might just have to get one for my living room..

Courtney in London
February 13, 2012

So cool! I love the multiplication poster. I should get that for our playroom.

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