School lunchbox

Its that time of the year again and all the kids in New Zealand and Australia are getting ready to go back to school.  Something I have discovered since returning to NZ is most primary schools now have compulsory uniforms and as far as I can see they ain’t pretty!  Polo neck t-skirts and polar fleece as far as the eye can see, arrrgh!!! Well if I can’t have a say on what Mia wears to school I can at least give her something stylish to put her lunch in.  Thats where Penny Scallan comes in.  We bought her this cute lunchbag, and I now have my eye on the boy version… and I’m sure I need the wine cooler for picnics!



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Esther in Amsterdam
February 3, 2012

So kids bring their own lunch in NZ? Isn’t it weird that it can be so different in each country. In the Netherlands they bring their own lunches as well — in France they’re being served a four course meal (including a cheese platter)! xxx

November 20, 2012

I loved the Penny Scallan ranges when I was last in Australia. It was so hard to choose a favourite design!

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