I am what is described as petite, and now that I have accepted the fact that I will very likely never, ever be a super model (just accepted that one!), I do think being small has some big advantages. I can wear terribly high heels, fit into small spaces and I can often buy clothes in the kid’s department. You can by some seriously nice children’s clothes and they are often half the price of the adult’s version. Check out the great label Soeur. The clothes are fabulous: easy going jumpers, jeans and dresses (and the sale is on at the moment). I fully take advantage of the fact that apparently I am the same height as an average 14-year-old girl!

The only time this has not worked out for me, is the other day when I was picking up my girls from school. I suddenly realised, watching the kids pour out of the school, that every boy between 5-15 was wearing the exact same coat as me, which I had picked up at GAP Kids in the boys department! Obviously their mothers and I have the same taste…

– Emilie


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February 1, 2012

Ha ha! I’m petite too and have been known to wear blazers from the boy’s section. This line looks awesome.

Esther in Amsterdam
February 3, 2012

Even I picked up a Soeur top in Paris last week! (half price — lucky me!). You can see me wearing it in the Playtime photos. I really like it! (And I’m 1.77 m tall — still works!) xxx

February 8, 2012

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