Seriously, is there anything better in the world than beating on a massive ball with a stick and, when you finally smash it open, being showered in bonbons? It’s no wonder kids go crazy for piñatas.

Piñatas had not really crossed my radar until I went on holiday to Mexico last year. But now we can’t possibly consider a birthday party complete without a good piñata bashing! Here in Paris I pick our piñatas up from a lovely shop called La Pinata, which is along the Canal St Martin (the photo above is of a pinata I picked up for Coco’s birthday last week). I have also found a ton of piñata DIY posts online, like these by the lovely Oh Happy Day blog, just in case you do not have a handy piñata shop around the corner!

By the way, it is hilarious watching the way kids react when they are picking the bonbons out of the broken pinata. Some just go crazy and try to grab whatever they can, others stand back observe and hone in for the choice pickings!

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
January 18, 2012

We don’t typically ‘do’ pinatas here in the Netherlands, but I’m very much planning to get one for Pim’s 5th birthday, and let the ‘knights’ demolish the…. dragon? xxx

January 18, 2012

By sheer coincidence I pointed out to a friend today the most stunning piñatas I have ever seen, made by Lieschen Müller and for sale at line + liv –

Emilie in Paris
January 19, 2012

That is absolutely gorgeous. Almost to pretty to be destroyed by a gang of bonbon loving kids!

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