Macarons — an exciting new innovation from Germany

Yesterday I went to the Kleine Fabriek, the children’s trade fair here in Amsterdam. I love going to trade shows; it’s always fun to walk around, have chats with all of the business owners and designers and see their new collections. It was especially fun to meet Veit and Julie from the new brand Macarons — a lovely couple from Germany (sadly I didn’t meet their baby girl Cleo because she was asleep, but I heard rumours about how cute she is)!
Veit and Julie developed an innovative fabric, the IQ fabric, which is based on traditional production techniques that have been around for centuries in the South of Germany. With a soft and ‘fresh’ feeling organic cotton inside, which is woven together with a warm and water-resistant organic merino wool outside (and sometimes boiled to get a cool rippled felted effect), the IQ fabric is as warm and practical as it gets. But it doesn’t end there — the designs of the clothing line is so cute and different. Contrasting colours on the inside of the hems and collars let you play around with the shapes, sweet pompoms and prints ad lightness and fun — it is all so very, very delightful.

The Macarons collection will be in stores after summer — and we can’t wait.

xxx Esther


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May 30, 2013

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