Mancala – the simple counting game for all ages!

Did you play Mancala when you were a child? My siblings and I played all the time! I had forgotten all about it until recently stumbling upon it on Amazon while looking for Christmas gifts. I ended up buying it for my 6-year-old, and I think we’ve played already a bazillion times. Even my 4-year-old loves it.  It’s such a simple game which has been around for generations and played all across the planet (some people say it’s the oldest game in the world).

There are all sorts of boards you can buy, from simple folding ones to nicer bamboo sets . You can even make your own with an empty egg carton (how cool!) and use simple rocks or pebbles just like they did ages ago. Either way, the game is great fun for all ages (probably 4+) and encourages good counting skills.

x Courtney


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Elke Mendelsohn
January 10, 2012

Hi Courtney,
I remember this game, I used to play it too, with shells I think.. My girlfriend from down the street and I would play it.. What are the rules again? X

January 10, 2012

I so remember mancala! I’ll have to pick this up for my kids – I think Izzy would especially enjoy it (and me too. 🙂

February 8, 2012

[…] is really into playing games at the moment… so we’ve been playing a lot of Swap, Mancala and Dobble in the afternoons after school. I must say, my favourite games are the most simple […]

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