Funny finger worms from Hervé Tullet

Ava got this little book ‘The Game of Finger Worms‘ by Hervé Tullet for Christmas and she absolutely adores it. The concept is so simple (a hole in the book through which you can stick your finger with a little face drawn on it), but the effect on a 19-month-old is so big! She has a little face drawn on her finger as well, and it’s become her new little friend. Cute!
Available through Amazon UK or US .

xxx Esther


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January 10, 2012

His books are so wonderful. We have The Game of Light, which has cut-outs to shine flashlights through and my son LOVES it.

February 15, 2012

[…] popular and that a few of his books are available in many different languages (Esther wrote about The Game of Finger Worms a few weeks ago). Now I have got to get my hands on his latest book Press Here — this unique […]

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