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Singing Away the Dark

When I first met the lovely ladies who started the e-boutique, Niddle Noddle, we bonded over a shared appreciation for beautiful children’s books. A few months later, a package from them arrived at my doorstep, and in it was a copy of Singing Away the Dark. You know when you find a new and wonderful children’s book and all you want to do is share it with everyone? I think this must have been the way they felt when they discovered this book… and thankfully they shared it with me!

Singing Away the Dark is a beautifully told and illustrated book about a little girl who must trudge a mile through the snowy woods to catch the school bus. As she walks, she sings away the shadows which scare her. It’s a beautiful book, perfect for a wintery afternoon read. And of course, it’s available from Niddle Noddle.



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