Nils and Happy to see you Star Dress

I have been given some very firm instructions regarding Christmas presents, as there isn’t anything my kids like to do more than dress up and develop some very, very complex story lines for hours and hours. (I guess it could be worse — they could be demanding to watch TV all day!) Anyway, with these firm instructions in hand, I fell upon the magical Pluies d’Étoiles (star rain) dress by Nils and Happy to see you. This dress is actually so beautifully simple, it doesn’t really classify as a dress-up dress… but more of a party dress that is dreamy enough for a little girl to feel like a princess in.

Nils and Happy to see you is a quintessential French label which always stikes the right note between what moms want to see their daughter wearing and what kids want to wear themselves.

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
December 22, 2011

This dress is absolutely STUNNING. I love all the clothes by Nils&Happy to see you. It’s all so darling… xxx

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