I-Wood toy computer

I’m not sure if your kids are the same as mine, but my girls are obsessed with my computer. They make their own computers out of cardboard and it seems to be an essential component when playing the Mummy and Papa game. A sign of the times, I guess…

How cool is this toy computer by Donkey Products? It is totally designed to appeal to parents as much as to their kids, but I do love the idea: a chalk board hidden inside a laptop! Apart from looking good, it is also a really handy toy to have while you are out and about, as it folds down neatly with the chalk stashed away inside.



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December 6, 2011

[…] I-Wood toy computer ( […]

Courtney in London
December 7, 2011

How cool! Love the sleek look of it.

December 7, 2011

love it! just ordered it, thanks emilie!

Esther in Amsterdam
December 8, 2011

Very cool, and stylish too! x

December 12, 2011

thank you for sharing this! my children, too, are always making their own computers from wood scraps or cardboard! i am so sad that it is currently sold out, but will keep it bookmarked. thank you!

January 23, 2012

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