Happy December!

Can you believe it’s December already?! Wow! It crept up quickly this year, didn’t it?!

This year will be the first year we stay in London for Christmas… which means we get to properly decorate the house and make it nice and cosy and christmasy (!!!). We’re all very excited about it and have already hung our stockings, set out the decorations, and of course, hung the Advent Calendar (which starts today!). And… I’m listening to Christmas music as I type! Oooh Happy December!

Have you caught the ‘holiday bug’ yet? Do you do an Advent Calendar? Any other little traditions you do around this time of year? I would love to know!

xx Courtney


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Esther in Amsterdam
December 1, 2011

Your house looks so cute and cosy!!
In the Netherlands, we traditionally wait with Christmas deco until after St. Nicholas. Otherwise he might be insulted, and refuse to stop by… 😉

December 1, 2011

your house does look SO cute! I am kind of sad we’re not staying london this year for christmas… we do an advent calendar too and i’m trying to do homemade sibling gifts (simple ones, appropriate for their age)!

Courtney in London
December 2, 2011

Oh I love that idea of homemade simple gifts. You should share what they are! I would be interested! xxx

December 1, 2011

Looks so nice! I’m sure the kids were excited this morning! We’re staying too, so decorating going on here too!

December 1, 2011

We have a Playmobile advent calendar that is so cute. It has a Xmas scene that looks like Santa’s house and each day there is a new little item that is appropriate for the scene. Today it was a mailbox for all the children’s letters.

December 1, 2011

I made the calendar this year…. Little stars a sparkling in my children’s eyes!
You house is very nice in this Advent time!

December 1, 2011

I just love this look so beautiful!!

December 1, 2011

In Gemany we start the decoration a few days before the first “Avent” (4 Sundays before Christmas). We do celebrate Nikolaus, but our one does not mind if we have Decorations for Christmas. And in Bavaria it is not Santa Claus which comes but the “Christkind” (who used to bring the decorated Christmas tree) in the evening of the 24th. I just love this period of the year!

Courtney in London
December 2, 2011

Hi Simone,
I’ve heard from another German friend this tradition of only bringing out the christmas tree the day before christmas! It seems so strange… but she explains that all the anticipation about the tree makes it that much more special and exciting. I also love this time of year and all the different traditions!

Emilie in Paris
December 6, 2011

Love this time of year, it is so cozy getting ready for the holiday’s.

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