A new school, a new wardrobe challenge. Coco, who is now in elementary school, needs to turn up at school 2 days a week in a full sports outfit. As I mentioned a few months ago, I am a big fan of school uniforms, but we live in a country where uniforms will never exist. So the negotiations I have with my daughters regarding what to wear to school are worthy of a top level UN negotiator. They want dresses and ballerina shoes, I want comfy jeans, funky T-shirts and trainers. These negotiations have heated up since gym clothes came into the mix. Coco’s idea was to turn up to school in a full tutu ensemble. I am pretty sure that would not have gone down so well with her whistle-blowing gym teacher, who is a bit of a French version of Coach Beast.

(By the way, on a side note: workout gear must be a relatively new idea in the French culture, as all items have random English names. I was going around looking for un jogging (sweatpants), des baskets (trainers) and un sweat (sweatshirt)!)

Anyway, whilst having a look around for gym gear I found some great things: check out the lovely sweat set by Shampoodle, the cute sweatpants by Zef, the hoodies by American Apparel, and the playful sweatshirts and sweatpants at Boys & Girls.  All of these items are really well made, comfortable and able to deal with some serious wear and tear — perfect for a sports day at school.



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November 14, 2011

We have the Boys&Girls sweats and my daughter loves how comfy and soft they are! Great quality.

Courtney in London
November 14, 2011

We also have the Boys&Girls sweats and sweatshirt and they’re really great. My son LOVES his star sweatshirt!

I also love the look of the Shampoodle sweatsuit too.

November 18, 2011

My daughter regularly yells during our morning negotiations that, Princesses do not wear pants! I’m so glad to hear it’s not just me with the weekly gym clothes fight. (Does the UN negotiate with royalty? I think what we do is harder!) I’ll have to look into getting her some of these. Thanks!!

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