Do your kids have a teepee? I got this teepee for my kids years ago… and I must say that it is one of the best gifts I’ve given them. They play with/in it all the time — I think kids just love having a little nook to hide away in, whether they’re reading books, playing games or creating an imaginative scene far, far away from the reality of their bedroom.

Our teepee is from Little Smiles and the quality is really, really good. I also like the simplicity of this one from Bianca and Family (so pretty!). And this one from Habitat is slightly smaller so it’s a good option for smaller spaces. Do you have other good teepee suggestions?

x Courtney


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November 4, 2011

We lovel your teepee!

November 5, 2011

Very cool idea – thanks for sharing! Can’t seem to find the one on Habitat. The link goes to Habitat homepage and product search for Teepee came up with nothing. Thanks!

Courtney in London
November 5, 2011

Hi Isabelle,
Thanks for your comment. How bizarre about the link on Habitat! The teepee was JUST on their website (and I linked directly to the teeppe!). I wonder if they have stopped selling it suddenly? Thanks for letting me know.

November 5, 2011

Great idea! However where are the lovely hooks in the picture from please?!

Courtney in London
November 5, 2011

Hi Sandy,
I bought the hooks in Paris… but I think they’re by a company called Hive… and I just saw them online in the UK here: http://www.bouf.com/buy/product/8800/twig-hanger-large

xx Courtney

November 5, 2011

Great thank you!

November 7, 2011

What a great teepee! I made one for my son two years ago. I can’t sew, so it took me forever to finish it, but my son loves it (Thank God!) and he always shows it to his friends. I saw the teepee in Habitat Barcelona some time ago.

November 7, 2011

Love your teepee as well. I have the one from Bianca & Family from Petit Collin (can be seen on our blog here: http://daphnedujour.blogspot.com/2011/07/1-little-2-little-3-little-indians.html) It’s cute, but unfortunately the quality is not that great, it doesn’t have a proper structure to hold the poles in place so it regularly collapses. There’s also no way to really close the tipi, which frustrates my kids. Here’s another cute one from Nordic Elements: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/nordicelements/product/hippie-tip-play-tent

November 7, 2011

Sorry I made a mistake in the link to the tipi pictures: http://daphnedujour.blogspot.com/2011/07/1-little-2-little-3-little-indians.html

November 7, 2011

My husband picked up this tent at Habitat as a Christmas gift last year and they love it! I also love the pattern, so it is fun to have in the living room. One great thing about a teepee is that is things get suspiciously quiet inside, you can always peek in the top without interrupting to make sure that siblings are all ok.


November 7, 2011

We’ve literally just bought one for our little boy’s third bithday and he LOVES it. A really reasonable price too…http://www.toymonkey.com/prodpage.asp?ProdID=99 xx

November 7, 2011

Oh, I LOVE your teepee! But I have a slight teepee obsession and really mustn’t buy another one. My latest purchase was one of the Wigwam Sam ones (that I stumbled across on ebay), which is totally amazing and having seen the workmanship, definitely worth the rather heartstopping retail price (but the poles are 3m high so doesn’t really work for inside which is where I was kind of hoping to put it).

November 8, 2011

i saw this picture and was inspired to make a doodle from it! i hope that is okay. let me know if its not! 🙂


November 8, 2011

Thank you so much Courtney. It is fantastic to hear my teepee is considered one of your best toy gifts ever! I am the only stockist in the UK and having been selling them now for three years. I would have to agree with you – my children still love their teepee. I first bought this for my little boy’s first birthday and all my children still love playing in it – inside the house and outside. That’s why I’m spreading the word and selling these fantastic teepees – ones I see on the high street are poor quality, not sturdy and tricky to put up.

November 21, 2011

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January 17, 2012

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February 28, 2012

That’s a cute Kids Teepee. We have a great range of an angel at my table kids teepees available at Denim Baby. See http://www.denimbaby.com.au/kids-teepees/

January 23, 2013

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November 7, 2013

These teepees are still selling strong – have been featured in December’s issue of Homes & Gardens magazine. Their popularity has made them travel across Europe.

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