MimiTENS and SmartPretty — Keep those hands warm!

We have mentioned the MimiTENS mittens before, but having recently gotten my kids new pairs… I thought it was worth mentioning them again. It’s such a clever concept — they’re mittens with long, stretchy cuffs that reach the elbow, making sure that the mittens never come off, and won’t fill with snow either.

It’s also worth mentioning that they now make mittens for women too! Each pair of the Smartpretty mittens comes with a pair of soft sleeves which you can wear under your mittens to keep your wrists and arms warm. How handy!


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Claire Killington
November 16, 2011

The Smart Pretty leather mittens for woman are a beautiful piece of work. They are exquisite to wear and very affordable. I’ve gifted them several times to friends and I couldn’t have chosen better.

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