The Truth About Trying

A friend recently told me about this amazing feature of video blogs on Redbook called “The Truth About Trying“.  I thought it was a fantastic way to personalize and put a face to the issues that many women silently face.  Whether you have ten children, one child, or in the midst of trying for your first  — the struggle to conceive is a difficult and emotionally taxing journey when it does not work out as planned.  Thought I would pass along and give praise to Redbook for helping to bring light to an often closely guarded subject.


(Image from Redbook)


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November 3, 2011

Thanks a lot for this link. I have a 4 year old girl, I got pregnant 3 years ago but had a miscarriage, and since then it never happened again… The doctors say that we are both perfect… but it doesn’t happen… It is painful and very sad… it is devastating when the menstruation comes… I feel there is something wrong in me… I wish with all my heart I could give a sibling to my daughter… but it doesn’t happen… I am working now on giving up, on accepting that I am good with one child, that I have been blessed with one child… But still, I secretly keep my hopes…

Courtney in London
November 3, 2011

I think I spent the past three hours watching every single one of these videos… and it’s so nice to watch these women speak so candidly about a very personal thing, about something which is often never spoken about. I hope more women will watch this and feel comfort in knowing they’re not alone. And certainly to erase the shame that goes along with infertility. Thank you Dina for posting about this.

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