Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Hope you all have a spooky, fun, candy-filled day!

Tell us, will you be taking the kids trick-or-treating? Throwing a little party? Did you carve pumpkins? Or… is this just a normal ‘ol day for you? Is Halloween even celebrated in your country? (It is certainly becoming bigger and bigger here in the UK!).

xx Courtney

(Sweet Halloween image from Belle and Boo)


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Esther in Amsterdam
October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! We’re not celebrating Halloween here in the Netherlands — but I loved trick-or-treating with you guys in London!! Have fun! xxx

El Thomson
November 1, 2011

Halloween is becoming very big in our neighborhood in Edinburgh! We spent the evening across the street with neighbors – dunking for apples, chasing donuts on strings and when the group of 4-year-olds started getting too excited, we went door-to-door trick-or-treating! The best joke by a 4-year-old told at the door last night had to be: “Why did the skeleton cross the road all alone? Because he had nobody with him!”

November 1, 2011

Halloween in my country (Mexico) gets a bit mixed up with the Day od the Dead which is one of the most important traditions. We eat “pan de muerto” (death bread) and build altars to remember our late loved ones. You can also see beautiful altars in the city centres. It’s a beautiful and colorful tradition. Have you ever heard of it?
Unfurtunately not a lot of people give out candy or dacorate their houses for halloween so it isn’t very fun to go treak-or-treating. I lived in Canada for a couple of years and in many neighborhoods peple just go crazy about halloween. They all dress-up and decorate their front yards. Greedy kids run from one house to the other collecting all kinds of chocolate. I’d love to take my daughter trick-or-treating there one day!

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