How to make your own Pinatas

Who doesn’t love a piñata? They make great party decorations, they offer entertainment (if you decide to bash the beauty up), and they’re filled with candy!  Such fun! Jordan at Oh Happy Day has recently started a Piñata DIY series and offers all the tips and necessary steps for how to make them. It actually seems quite easy to do — I think I might give it a go for our next party… although I’m not sure I could stand watching it get destroyed after all that work, no matter how many sweets it bears.

Images from Oh Happy Day



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Esther in Amsterdam
October 26, 2011

Haha I love howe you say you couldn’t bear your hard work to be destroyed! I would feel the same I think! But, these pinatas look SO cool and Jordan actually makes them look totally do-able and cute! (Everything she does looks cute.)
Pinatas are not at all common in the Netherlands but I might introduce them next year 😉

October 26, 2011

These are so pretty! I’m thinking a red and white striped 3 and 7 for my next birthday… 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Esther and Jordan!

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