La marinière

If you were to draw a caricature  of a French man, you would very likely draw a guy on a bicycle with a baguette under his arm, a beret on his head, a healthy looking mustache and a blue and white striped T-shirt. Not all of it would be a cliché: the blue and white striped T-shirt is alive and well and can be found in a lots of Frenchie’s wardrobes. It has a name: une marinière. It has even become one of the official outfits of the french football team.

Interesting fact: It was originally Coco Chanel who, at the beginning of the last century, first started dressing civilians in the stripy tops. She copied off the sailors she saw coming on shore in the harbour town of Deauville. Since then, marinières have become a staple wardrobe item and Jean-Paul Gauthier managed to elevate the marinière into a haute couture icon. Everyone wears them — men, women, boy and girls and for good reason: there is actually nothing more comfortable and flattering than some nice blue and white stipes made out of thick cotton jersey!

Petit Bateau are the most famous maker of the marinière but you will find different variations of them everywhere. I love this little sweater and this tunic. They look so cosy!



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Courtney in London
October 25, 2011

There is nothing more classically French than a striped tee like this. I love the story behind it.

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