A mum’s best friend

I had a look through my handbag today. The amount of rubbish I carry around with me is unbelievable. No wonder I have an achy back! But between all the rubbish are some essential items that just need to be in my handbag 24/7. There is lip balm, some tissues and my wallet. There is also my very trusted Swiss Army knife, which I could not live without. I reckon every mom should have one!

I use the knife and the scissors all the time, to cut and peel fruit, to make sandwiches and to snip off everything and anything while I am on the go. I have been hailed a hero on more than one occasion for having a bottle opener on me and finally there is a nifty pair of little tweezers hidden in the knife, that has been used many a time to tug off a previously unnoticed stray eyebrow hair…

How many tools can do all of the above and fold away neatly into a handbag? Not many!



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October 18, 2011

I would so love to carry this around in my handbag, but, having had to wave goodbye to too many items at customs I’ve got a ban on anything which won’t go through the airport scanners…

October 18, 2011

I too would love to carry a swiss army knife or my trusty leatherman tool (very similar but with lots screw driver type options) but being an attorney and going to court often I would lose them to security. The indispensible item in my bags are crayons. I have a little bag of them in all of my bags. They may not be able to open a bottle but they have the power of distraction.

October 18, 2011

I have a Leatherman micra which has very similar features to your Swiss Army knife. Its attached to my key ring so I always have it on me. I do have to remember to leave it at home if I’m flying anywhere though.

October 18, 2011

I love how you have been hailed a hero NUMEROUS times for having a bottle opener on you! How does that not surprise me?! 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
October 18, 2011

Hahaha yes, the bottle opener is not surprising — that’s why we love you as a friend! xxx

October 20, 2011

My dad is that hero too,for as long as I know he has a Swiss knife in his pocket ready to be useful, and yes, he has had to hand it over at the airport when he came to visit me a few years ago.. Bought a new one straight away.. Maybe I should join and ad one to my mess in my bag..

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