New Charity: Hope By Twelve

September 27, 2011

We are super excited to highlight another wonderful charity here on Babyccino Kids. This one was founded and is run by one of our good friends, Molly Pitts, whom we greatly admire for her dedication and work toward building a better world for everyone. Her charity is called Hope By Twelve and we are thrilled to introduce Molly and her story behind the charity….

Thank you Babyccino Kids for allowing me to share a story with you today. I have to admit I started out on a journey to empower women around the world in hopes that they will better the lives of themselves, their kids and the community they live in. The more I dug around for projects and tried to just get things done, I realized that this is actually a huge task to take on and one that cannot be done just because you have a good heart. Then, I came across The Girl Effect….and that’s when everything changed. GIRLS, they are the answer to all the world’s problems: empower a girl and the world transforms! One thing led to another and I started Hope by Twelve.  Although it’s a young organization, it all moved so fast and we are anxious to keep growing at a fast rate. We truly believe that when girls are given a chance to invest in their community, a ripple effect happens that will travel throughout that community and from one generation to the next.

Just how do we help these girls? Through the ideas, creativity and help of GIRLS. Our very own girlpods are the backbone of hope by twelve. Groups of girls come together (boys are welcome too) to brainstorm, plan and carry out a fundraiser for one of the organizations/projects we partner with. They can also choose their own project to raise money for as long as it’s directly helping an adolescent girl in poverty and we approve the organization. It’s simple: girls helping girls.

One of the projects we’ve partnered with right now is Mudula Water which is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to deliver clean water to Mudula, a town of 10,000 people in Ethiopia. Right now, with the drought being so bad, it’s so important our financial goal is met soon. Girls spend hours every day, sometimes multiple times every day fetching water which holds them back from getting an education. If we can give them clean water, water-borne illnesses and deaths will be dramatically decreased and these girls will be given a chance to go to school. And the cycle continues, economically transforming entire communities.

We have until Friday to help Mudula Water win a fundraiser and receive an extra $8,000. You are more then welcome to donate, BUT, we’d be happy to do it for you. Go to Facebook and “like” our page, then tell your friends to do the same. For each person who likes (follows) us, we’ll donate $1 to Mudula water through Friday, September 30. If you’re interested in helping girls (ages 7 and up work best) form a girlpod, let me know and I’ll guide you through it. We also love mompods, boypods, mixedpods-anything works! Thanks so much for reading this and helping to change the world we live in.


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 27, 2011

Thank you Molly for having a good heart. I hadn’t heard of The Girl Effect but it sounds/looks amazing. xxx

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