Junior Chair from Ikea

I’m kicking myself now, but I never bought Stokke Tripp Trap chairs for my children when they started on solids.  I wish I had looked to the future and realised they would last them for years to come!

So I was very excited when I happened to come across these chairs in IKEA the other day.  We have a very high table to accommodate the tall Dutch folks but sitting at it with a normal height chair was a bit of a problem for my 4½- year-old. Now that she has this chair, she can sit in one spot without wriggling around trying to reach her plate. I will buy another one for my son when he grows out of his high chair. I love the simple design and the fact that they are super easy to clean!

Steph xo


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 21, 2011

Cool! And they seem to be stackable too — how handy.

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