Petit Pan

I had not been on the Petit Pan website for ages, which is sort of nice, as I got to rediscover all their beautiful pieces again! I am a big fan of the Petit Pan fabrics, but how insanely cool are their animal trophy heads?

Petit Pan is a half-French, half-Chinese company and you can totally see the influence of both cultures on their designs. For example, the trophy head designs originate in France but the owner’s father, Pan, who is a famous master kite flyer in China helps make them, to make sure they are finished perfectly. A truly modern, family business.

These trophies would looks so great in a child’s bedroom, don’t you think? They are probably my favourite item by Petit Pan, but there are so many other mobiles, lampions and kites to choose from; it is a difficult choice indeed…


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 19, 2011

Really really beautiful! I love Petit Pan for the pyjamas, too. And that reminds me — I need to order Sara new ones — she’s growing so fast!

Courtney in London
September 20, 2011

I love Petit Pan! We have the Whale Lampion hanging from the ceiling in my boys’ bedroom and it’s so beautiful and delicately made: http://shop.petitpan.com/silk-and-bamboo/261-lampion-baleine-petit.html

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