Gween Toys

I have just discovered this new brand of wooden toys called Gween, and I’m really impressed with the beauty and the brains behind them. The Gween toys were created with three main key components in mind: education, entertainment and eco-friendliness. The toys are meant to help with hand-eye coordination, matching, and beginner math and reading skills. They were made by hand using wood from sustainable trees and natural colouring, and because of this you can really see the most beautiful organic colours and shapes.

I love the Gwomies — which consists of 20 stackable pieces to combine more than 200 different trees/shrubs, and the Picazee zebra which offers a colour matching game. How clever! (They’re currently available from Amazon US .)



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Esther in Amsterdam
September 16, 2011

These look amazing! A whole new, clever concept and beautiful on top of it!

September 18, 2011

OMG this is amazing! Gorgeous+super smart! LOOOOOOOVE it!

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