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We Continental Europeans don’t have the greeting card culture of the Anglo world. No one really sends birthday cards, we don’t have card shops, and in fact, it is really difficult to find a nice pack of greeting cards. It is 100% due to Courtney’s influence that I have been made aware of this — she is a note and card writing virtuoso! (I remember when I heard that her newborn already had his own headed stationary, I choked on my coffee! But I now realise that this is totally normal in the US).

So I have started to jump on the bandwagon and have started sending cards. I have actually found that I really enjoy it: it is really nice thanking someone with a handwritten note, personally delivered to a post box. Who knew? I have also started making my own, with some stamps I found via Smallable and Annaka Bazaar. I set my girls to work and I think the results are quite cute, no?

Next stop: my own headed letter paper!


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Cat in Palma
September 15, 2011

…And the stop after that will be setting up your own (European) Pony Express! Actually, the US may need to reinstate it soon, too…

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